Alexandra Zohn

A trained pastry chef and instructor, a food writer and recipe developer with a nutrition degree and a master's in Food Studies, Alexandra Zohn Cepelowicz is the Mexican New York-based baker behind Three Tablespoons™ wholesome and allergy-friendly treats. While not wearing oven mittens, she blogs at The Irony of Baking, where she posts about finding balance between wholesome ingredients and delicious taste; and enjoying food despite restrictions, allergies, a tiny kitchen or a busy life. Her blog is a search for equilibrium between creativity, seasonality, health, resourcefulness, family, humor, picky eaters, practicality, whole grains, and chia seeds. Alexandra is also the co-author of the Ramaz School ECC's Food and Nutrition Curriculum, which strives to educate teachers, children and parents about good eating habits through cooking, playing and exposure to wholesome foods.

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