Betsy Bish

Betsy writes, sings and performs music for children that is fun to learn, sing and share. She lives with her three children and husband in the middle of the woods in South Carolina, (unless they are on a temporary move due to her husband's military deployment). She writes music that reflects a simple, country life that is focused on raising and enjoying a family. Blending bluegrass infused vocals and guitar playing style with experiences and stories she shares with her children, Betsy creates a musical world for children of all ages to enjoy.

Since all the songs are written about experiences she shares with her children or topics they need to learn about, some of the songs include stories about a black bear that wandered into their yard one time, an orb spider they watched spinning a web and making an egg sack, their dog John Henry and their cat Bob. There are educational themes, like learning the months of the year, days of the week, numbers, vowels and ABC's. There are also songs about being a good person, a kind brother or sister and how to handle emotional situations like getting frustrated or wanting to give up on something.

Her goal is creating down-home listening experiences for children and families to enjoy without a lot of "noise", with fun, relatable topics and without concern about inappropriate content.

Wholesome, organic fun... Songs for the Family.


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