Funny Food

Since they got married in 1961, Bill Wurtzel has made healthy, artistic and hilarious breakfasts just to make his wife Claire laugh. It's also an expression of his love for her. Renowned jazz guitarist, Bill has played with many jazz legends including Count Basie Countsmen, Bill Doggett,Jimmy McGriff, and the Harlem Blues & Jazz Band. Bill's weekly gigs include HENRY's and the American Museum of Folk Art and moreĀ

Claire Wurtzel has been an educator for over 40 years helping teachers with students with learning and/or behavior challenges. Claire is on the faculty of the American Museum of Natural History. Claire was on the faculty of Bank Street Graduate School, where she taught and chaired the Department of Special Education. Claire also worked with administrators, parents, psychologists, librarians, and museum educators both nationally and internationally.

Claire and Bill have 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren, and live in New York City.

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