Did you know that children are supposed to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day?

As adults, we know that drinking water is important for a clear complexion, digestion, weight loss, etc. But, many of us don't even consider the fact that our toddlers need water for the very same reasons. Just because children have smaller bodies does not mean that they should drink less water than an adult. Children should drink an average of 64 ounces of water per day. Although our tots may prefer to reach for a can of soda or a carton of juice, the sugary beverages do not take the place of water.

Why kids need water

A child's body is made up of 70% water. Especially in the summer months, their bodies need constant replenishment of H2O to regulate their body temperature. As they run, jump, and swim, their bodies are sweating out all of their hydration. Water also plays an essential role in helping the body eliminate waste, as well as cushioning our spinal cord and joints.

Kids are much more likely to suffer from dehydration. When a child's body loses 2% of its fluids the body's performance decreases by 20%. If a child loses 3% body fluids, he is at severe risk for heat stroke according to researchers at

How to get kids to drink more water

1. Eliminate other beverages from your fridge. By removing sugary options from your fridge, your child will be more willing to grab what he sees first. Keep a full pitcher of water in the fridge at all times. Adding slices of fruit such as oranges, strawberries or even cucumbers gives the water a hint of flavor and makes it look much more appealing.

2. Chart it! Make a tally chart to keep track of how many glasses of water each family member drinks per day. Reward your kids if they drink all 8 glasses of water per day, for one week. Maybe a movie night with a movie of their choice, or a new water bottle might be appropriate?

3. Lead by example. As the parent you need to show your child that drinking water is good for you. Carry a water bottle with you (and your child) at all times and be sure to refill it often. If your child sees you drinking a soda, of course she is going to want one too. So be the role model.

What creative ways do you use to get your child to drink water?

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