The Kids Food Festival Teams Up With Cooking Light

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration, Cooking Light has partnered with the Kids Food Festival. At Cooking Light, they believe that good food does much more than fill the plate; it fills a good life with limitless possibilities. Cooking Light gives you the know-how to prepare and share what you love with who you love, so you can nourish everyone, inside and out. With fresh ideas and a flavor all our own, Cooking Light makes life healthy, joyful and delicious!

Healthy Eating for Kids: Recipes and Nutrition Advice

“What’s for dinner? Ewww!” Chances are you’ve heard that before. Or the infamous, “But it’s green!”

It can be challenging to come up with nutritious meals that your kids actually want to eat. At Cooking Light, they’ve cooked up tons of healthy, flavorful dishes that you and your family will love.

You can also find sensible snack alternatives and delicious dessert recipes that are moderate in both fat and sugar.

Check out all of their kid-approved meal and snack ideas here. They’ve got solutions for even the pickiest of eaters!