Be Snack Smart: Make the SWAP!

We all love to snack! The question is: if there were better-for-you snacking alternatives, would you choose them? Of course! So, do the SWAP! SWAP out your typical snack foods for alternatives that are just as yummy, but better for your family!  Inspired by the article from The Straight Times, here are a few simple tips to make your snacks better for your body.

1.    Get rid of the butter or kettle Popcorn and SWAP it for air-popped plain popcorn.

Plain popcorn has at least five times less fat and also contains less salt and sugar.

2.    SWAP regular potato chips for corn tortilla.

Corn Tortilla chips are lower in calories, fat and salt, and higher in fiber, making you feel full longer. Choose baked versions for an even healthier snack!

3.     Toss sour cream-based dips and SWAP for salsa.

Salsa dips have very small amounts of fat and calories. They also contain tomatoes and onions, which are high in disease fighting antioxidants like lycopene and inulin.

4.    SWAP peanuts and cashews for pistachios and almonds.

Almonds and pistachios contain almost the same amount of calories as peanuts and cashews. However, they have lower amounts of saturated fat – which is bad for the heart when consumed in excess – and higher amounts of heart-friendly monounsaturated fat.

5.    Don’t order pan pizzas, or cheesy crusts, SWAP for a thin crust.

If you must opt for pizza be sure to order a thin crust variety with a tomato base and lots of veggies on top.  The Creative Kitchen loves to make its own pizza – and use whole wheat crust! Store bought pizza dough and crusts are readily available too.  Not to mention, making homemade pizza as a family is a super-fun activity for all!

6.    SWAP out chocolates and candy for dry breakfast cereals.

Place them in a bowl for your friends to enjoy. They taste good and contain fiber and zinc. Zinc is needed to maintain a strong immune system.  For a bit of color and sweetness, toss in dried fruit!

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