NYC Spring 2019 Presenters:
Cricket Azima + The Creative Kitchen

Cricket Azima, Founder and Big Cheese of The Creative Kitchen and Kids Food Festival: Fresh, Flavorful, & Fun Salsa on Sunday, May 12 at 4pm: Purchase tickets here!


Founder, Kids Food Festival + Founder and Big Cheese, The Creative Kitchen

Cricket is a dynamic professional chef who specializes in cooking for and with children. Her children’s cookbook, Everybody Eats Lunch, was published in May, 2008.  She is the Big Cheese of The Creative Kitchen – a company that teaches children and families through food and cooking, founded in 2001. In addition to classes and events, The Creative Kitchen also produces the Kids Food Festival, a series of food events, programmed with the assistance of the James Beard Foundation, that educates families on how to make balanced food choices. Cricket also developed Everybody Can Cook, a curricula for the special needs community, featuring adaptations for various physical and developmental abilities. She works with a variety of food companies, offering services including spokesperson, recipe development and testing, freelance writing, teaching, family outreach, blogging, creating webisodes, special events, and consulting. Cricket has a professional culinary degree from The Institute of Culinary Education, and developed her teaching philosophy while pursuing her Master’s degree in Food Studies and Food Management at New York University (NYU).