NYC Spring 2015 Presenters:
Cooking Up Stories

Cooking Up Stories: Plant Part Party

Inviting you to join an interactive storytelling soiree where we will
spice up a seasonal specialty with our imaginations. Martha & Shayna are
the Story Cooks extraordinaire who will help us fill our plates with plant
part preparations and performance. All children will be invited to
participate from either the audience or from the stage.


10959484_397910207053013_3824049214807165418_nCooking Up Stories

Based in Philly, Cooking Up Stories is a collaboration between Martha Cooney of StoryUp! and Honeypie Cooking founder Shayna Marmar. Both trained early childhood educators turned small business owners, Martha and Shayna blend their passion for improvisational storytelling with hands‐on, wholesome cooking. Cooking Up Stories offers one‐of‐a‐kind, dynamic, engaging performance‐based cooking events, combining the skills and fun of storytelling‐based literacy with practical, healthy cooking knowledge. Programs are provided in Philly and surrounding cities including New York and Washington D.C. More info can be found at


Shayna PhotoShayna Marmar

In 2008, Shayna Marmar founded Honeypie Cooking in the Bay Area. A few years ago, she moved her business to Philadelphia where she is originally from to be near family and ALL of the east coast honeypies from small to tall! Her style of recipe development and

teaching is joyful, approachable, and accessible, allowing for people ranging in ability and familiarity to successfully embrace new healthy foods into their diets. Her experience performing includes hosting a live, weekly nutrition‐based food TV show at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and making a guest appearance on Sprout TV’s “Sunny Side Up Show.” More info can be found at Facebook: @honeypiefamily. Instagram and Twitter: @honeypiecooking.


Martha PhotoMartha Cooney

StoryUP! Founder and Director Martha Cooney holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and has a decade of experience working as a teacher and supervisor in classrooms, camps and enrichment programs, along with performing as an award-winning storyteller and improviser. Since 2011, StoryUP!’s child-centered programming has encouraged children ages preschool through teen to “tell a story, act a story, write a story” through interactive shows and workshops. More info can be found at Facebook and Twitter: @storyupphilly.