NYC Spring 2014 Presenters:

Main Stage Participant

Laura Fuentes, CEO of MOMables & Chief MOM in the Kitchen

I’m a mother of three young school-aged children with more on the way (some day). I was born in Spain and raised on homemade food from my grandmother’s kitchen. My Abuela Maruja’s passion for fresh ingredients built the foundation and appreciation for wholesome foods.  My extensive travel through Spain ignited my love for Tapas, or small plates.  My oldest children, two ultra-picky eaters, are a daily challenge to feed nutritious food.  Growing tired of my kids asking for processed packaged items claiming to be nutritious, I set out to make food that looked like what their friends were eating, but made fresh in my kitchen — all without the preservatives and processing typical of children’s store-bought lunches.   My love for fresh food in tapas-sized bites has helped me create fun, convenient ways to feed my kids nutritious foods.  For the past five years, I’ve been compiling healthy recipes and am now ready to share them with other moms and dads looking for alternative, healthy lunches for their kids.  In the process, MOMables™ was created. I’m not a trained chef, but a busy parent like you — one who wants to simplify the lunch process and help you make it fresh, fast and kid-friendly!



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