NYC Summer 2017 Presenters:

August 26th at 11:00 am

rockababyRock-a-Baby is an interactive music program for infants and toddlers. Grown-ups come along for the class or concert as we introduce the stars of our show – puppets Rhythm, Melody and Harmony.  Every week we introduce a new theme through song and dance – exploring simple musical concepts through live and recorded sound. Children experience everything from Beethoven and Bach to rap and rock! Classes meet in 45 minute blocks at City Treehouse14th Street Y and for private playgroups or parties, please email If you can’t get enough in class, you can purchase our CDs, books, egg shakers and bubble trumpets and play along at home.

Rock-a-Baby promotes musical understanding and child development with:

  • Curriculum developed by NYU trained music educator, Marc Trachtenberg
  • Interactive play
  • Hand movement
  • Body movement
  • Rhythmic repetition
  • Improvisation with real instruments designed for children
  • Melodic recognition and repetition
  • Pictorial imagination
  • Expectation and continuity
  • Appropriate volume levels for infants and toddlers
  • Clean and safe environment